Fenofibrates and Niacin:
The Hard Facts

You may be taking fenofibrates or niacin to lower your lipids.13 But you should know:

Fenofibrates and niacin, when used with statins, aren't FDA-approved to reduce cardiovascular (CV) risk.13

There isn’t enough evidence to prove that fenofibrates and niacin offer additional CV benefit when used with a statin.34

The FDA revoked the approval of fenofibrates, concluding that fenofibrates should not be used in combination with statins as they add potential risk to the patient with no proven benefit to heart health.13,14

This means that the risk of a side effect is too high to justify using them.13

Talk to your doctor about whether switching off of fenofibrates and onto FDA-approved therapies is right for you, as you may still be at risk of having a heart attack.13

The American Diabetes Association (ADA) stated that combining niacin and fenofibrates with statins to improve cardiovascular disease outcomes is generally not recommended.34

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